About Us

Meet Alex

With over 25 years of experience in senior-level management for national health care organizations, Alex Warne has cultivated a strong network of clinical professionals and business leaders. By using her extensive experience in human resource management, Alex can assist her clients with sound strategies to attract the best candidates. Alex is a “connector” who values cultivating long-lasting relationships.

Meet Marilyn

Marilyn brings over 20 years of experience in Operations and HR consulting in private and public healthcare. Marilyn is also a Certified Trainer and Professional Coach who enjoys engaging teams to have fun with healthcare business challenges. We listen, identify the core values and goals of our clients and coach them for personal success.
We also work in organizations struggling with internal communications and optimum performance. We listen to team members, conduct self-awareness exercises to produce personal and group insight. This leads to building team dynamics that can facilitate effective change to individuals and the entire team.